The Painless Way To Train Employees on Security

We've made information security and awareness training effective, fun, and affordable. Employee security training is necessary for every business, so work with ISE to optimize information retention and get your employees back to their day jobs faster.

  • Engaging Delivery
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Eliminate Barriers & Reduce Risk

We make your business and future more secure by delivering an affordable and effective training program that your employees will actually enjoy.

Fast & Effective

Employee time is valuable. Our training is designed to be as fast as possible while effectively lowering risk and removing business barriers.

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Engaging & Actionable

Training isn't effective if no one pays attention. Our training engages the trainee and provides actionable direction to improve security.

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Get Started In Minutes

Don't spend countless hours and money creating your own training that doesn't work. With ISE you're able to rollout an enterprise solution in 3 clicks.

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A simple approach to a complex problem

Our employee information security and awareness training is funny, informative, and effective. The training can be completed using any browser or iPad and is delivered using professionally produced animated videos. Pop-up questions overlaying the video ensure employee participation and allow you to report on employee status and knowledge areas.


Features That Matter

You need to be able to quickly get everyone started, know how the training is going, and produce reports to show your success. We allow you to easily invite your employees to create a profile and start the training, report on the current status and success of all employees, and receive automated notifications along the way!

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Information Security Education Features

Information Security Training Is No Longer Optional

In the past 12 months, 91% of the companies surveyed had at least one external IT security incident and 85% reported internal incidents. A serious incident can cost a large company an average of $649,000; for small and medium-sized companies the bill averages at about $50,000. Organizations that maintain an effective information security training program reduce the risk of security threats by over 80%.

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Information Security Education

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